Memories wrapped in paper planes  (2015 - 2017) 

A film by Antonia Rehnen, music by Kinetophone

The short film combines handmade cut-out stop-motion-animation and digitally curated archive film footage. It approaches a narrative, creating a poetic space in which ideas of time and memories seem to wander. Through the recycling of film footage it explores memories of strangers, which, interwoven with the inner mindscapes of the artist, will remind us that the human mind is in itself a limitless archive of images.

Memories wrapped in paper planes premiered at the Performing Arts Festival Noorderzon 2017 with a live performance by Kinetophone

and was screened at:

02.03.2018                    New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, NL

11.03.2018                      InternatIonal Filmfestival Assen (IFA) ,NL   (official selection  Noordsterren 2018, Q&A afterwards)               

13/14/15.04.2018         Talentuin Festival, Explore The North, Leeuwarden, NL

29.04.2018                    Cellu l'art Kurzfilmfestival Jena , D

11./12./13.05.2018       Leiden International Short Film Experience (LISFE) , NL

13./14.07.2018              Hongerige Wolf Festival, NL

31.10.2018                      ECREA pre-conference  Media, Memory and Communication in the Digital Age, Lugano, CH  (Q&A afterwards)

03./04.11.2018             Illambra Independent Film Festival, Berlin, D

05.-11.11.2018               Noorderlijk Film Festival, Leeuwarden, NL  (official selection Noorderkroon 2018)

27./28./29.12.2018     InShort Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria

Die Zugfahrt (2014/2015)
Cut-out stop-motion animation (01:15 min.)
Laanuk (2012/2013)
Cut-out stop-motion animation (04:01 min.), graduation film

Copyright by Antonia Rehnen     


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